Time To Start

It’s time to start something. I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this – or even where these words will live – but I know that I need to take a step in some direction.

I have far too often started my weekend with my next best idea ever. I’m going to start a novel. I’m going to build an app. I’m going to make some music. Read a book. Brew my own beer. Do my fucking laundry. Write. Make. Be. Build… anything!

Every time it’s faded and I eventually convince myself that that best idea ever was just one more in the line of my bad ideas (Honestly a lot of them probably were bad, but that’s beside the point). I don’t want to just keep letting it fade.

So here’s something. It’s a few meandering paragraphs. But it’s something.

I’m going to make something. It might be an iPhone or an Android app. It might be a short story that I just absolutely drag my non-writing ass through the process of developing. It might be a blog or some other place where I can leave these thoughts. But whatever it is, I’ll chronicle it. I need some accountability here – even if it’s just between me and a journal.

Time to start.